A river cruise with U is an effortless way to travel from city to city across Europe, completely tailored to your personal tastes. You book, you get excited, and we take care of just about everything else.

Along the way, you’ll discover awe-inspiring scenes, inspirational moments, and pics so pretty, your Facebook friends will be just a little bit envious.


When your waterfront hotel is also your taxi, bar, favorite restaurant, nightclub and yoga studio, travel becomes a bit more relaxed and a lot more hassle-free.

Your floating boutique hotel makes it extra-easy to visit several European destinations in a single trip while only having to unpack once.


There is plenty of fun to be had onshore, but your time onboard will be just as exciting. Our lineup of daily activities and events were all created with U in mind.

From Paint & Wine to Silent Disco to Mixology Class. You will also enjoy complimentary Wifi access all across the ship.


To travel is to eat, and you will eat well on your cruise with U. Culture is often experienced through taste, thus, many of your onboard meals will be inspired by the cities you’ll visit, made from ingredients that were sourced just miles down the road.

Hungry for something a little closer to home? You’ll have classic options, comfort food choices and plenty of vegan, vegetarian and various healthy dining choices as well.


Included excursions such as an evening bike ride along the Danube (or a daytime bike ride in Frankfurt with our U bikes that are available for your use), a “Midnight in Paris” evening stroll, a canal cruise in Amsterdam, vineyard hikes, or castle visits.

If you prefer free & easy, you just have to hop on to the complimentary transfers, which will take you into town whenever you like. Head out with no set schedule in mind and see where life takes you.


Go where the action is. Timing is everything, so we’ve planned several of our cruises around major cultural events, world festivals and other exciting happenings. We are sure you would not want to miss festivals like these.

Cruise to the biggest beer festival in the world – Oktoberfest in September & October or The Sziget Festival, one of the largest music festivals on the planet held in August.