Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Located at the same site where the International Ocean Exposition was held in 1975, the park houses the world’s 3rd largest aquarium and a dolphin theatre where you can enjoy exciting performances by the dolphins

Shurijo Castle. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, nested on a top hill. Pierced by several large gates and ornately decorated of vermilion colour. It was the official residence of Ryuku monarchs till 1879.

Cape Manzamo. Situated on the northwest Okinawa coast, nested not far from the picturesque beaches of Onna Village, an up heaved outcropping of fossilized coral that overlooks the East China Sea

Okinawa World, a theme park presenting the local history, culture and nature in one location. There are rows of shops and houses reproduced in traditional Okinawan style, also in the crafts village there are art museum and studios for making Bingata Dyed and woven textiles and a glass factory where you can experience DIY glass at your own expense. Within, take a stroll thru Gyokusendo Cave, the longest limestone cave in the Orient of which just 890m is open to the public, the actual length of the cave is about 5km.

Okinawa Fruitsland, a park pays homage to all sorts of tropical fruits, take a stroll thru the colorful and whimsical little houses sprinkled throughout the grounds that are fun and appealing to all ages. Do not miss the butterfly field and up close with the tree nymph butterfly, one of the biggest butterfly in Japan.

Orion Happy Park Beer Factory. Learn about the makings of Orion Beer, Okinawa locally product and well like. Beside a beer fest, you can also enjoy the unique cuisines with beer as one of the ingredient.

Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market where you can get to purchase same-day-fresh seafood and other marine products such as mozuku seaweed at a steal

Busena Marine Park, home to myriad tropical fish and amazing coral reefs. Watch the underwater world four meters below sea level from the underwater observatory with 24 windows giving a 360-degree view. Next, take a whale-shaped glass-bottom boat ride for up close-up encounter with wondrous aquatic life, the world of vividly colorful tropical fish and coral reefs are almost within reach from this boat

Okashi Goten, Okinawa distinctive treat, Beni-imo sweet potato tart is a pastry that uses only Okinawa ingredients. This confectionery shop built in the image of Shuri Castle, and here, an opportunity to hands-on tart making and bring home. You can also watch the production line of the highly-skilled chefs through the glass window.

Okinawa Outlet Mall ASHIBINAA. With over 200 speciality stores selling anything from fashion to sports, household and luxury goods, release the shopaholic in you and let those purse strings come loose!