Kia Ora!

Wherever you go in New Zealand, you’ll be embraced as one of their own. As you explore New Zealand, you will find something new every day, be it adventures, or nature or coming into contact with a rejuvenating scenery. New Zealand has 30 regions that stretch more than 1600km across two main islands. Be fascinated by their stories and captivated by their legendary landscapes and experiences that await you at every corner. Whether you are new or returning, you will be promised an unforgettable journey!

Experience New Zealand

Climb Mt Victoria for Impressive Views

Mt Victoria offers an amazing 360 degree view of Wellington including the harbour and city centre, as well as the Miramar Peninsula where much of Ghost in the Shell has been filmed. Take a stroll through the trees all the way to the top and enjoy a picnic at the lookout point while relishing in the scenic view.

Enjoy the Local Café Culture

Coffee is an obsession in New Zealand and they drink it strong, and fresh. New Zealand is jam-packed with cafes, specialty coffee shops and roasteries that are world famous for their ‘flat-whites’. You don’t need to go more than a few steps in downtown Wellington to encounter one of these cafés – Zumo Coffee, and Flight Coffee Hanger are among the local favourites.

Maori Culture

New Zealand’s Māori culture is an integral part of Kiwi life and adds to your unique, dynamic experience. The best place to observe Māori culture is on a marae (tribal meeting grounds).

In Northland, Auckland, Rotorua and Canterbury, organised tours provide a traditional Māori welcome onto a marae, where you’ll hear Māori speeches and singing, see carved meeting houses, meet the local people (you’ll greet them with the traditional pressing of noses) and enjoy a hāngi feast cooked in earth ovens.

Ride the Wellington Cable Car

One of Wellington’s most popular tourist attractions, the Cable Car runs from Lambton Quay in the commercial heart of the city and emerges in the Wellington Botanic Garden, which offers 26 hectares of sprawling gardens and lawn areas.