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Chanzilla has been mastering the fine art of travelling from home! Whether you are a gourmand traveller, a cultural explorer or an intrepid globetrotter, get valuable tips from Chanzilla on how to satisfy, temporarily, that travel itch.

Chanzilla shows you how to keep the wanderlust alive, without leaving your kitchen, with famous dishes and recipes from popular destinations worldwide!

Chanzilla shares with you ways to get your loved ones on board for a great fambam time with exciting board games that inspire wanderlust!

Chanzilla brings you on a cinematic journey with travel programmes to reach faraway lands, unearth exotic culture and discover scenic sites that will placate your wanderlust (for a bit)!

Chanzilla shows you how to get up close and personal with wildlife right in your home on virtual safaris and augmented reality!

Chanzilla shows you how to spark wanderlust with books for thought! From self-discovery adventures in foreign lands to stories of love and friendship lost and found while on the road, these page-turners are sure to bring you on book-cations around the world!

Chanzilla shows you how to conquer thrilling video games and experience wanderlust at the same time. Let’s flex our fingers and put our game faces on!

Chanzilla shows you how to unleash the artist within through creative crafts, projects and games that will certainly remind you of your favourite travel moments!

Chanzilla shows you how to morph into a culture vulture at home with engaging experiences of museums around the world on-screen.

Chanzilla shows you how to winds down at home with pampering activities from all parts of the world, from virtual stand-up comedy to the best of Asia’s wholistic wellness.

Chanzilla tunes in to how aural pleasures can evoke a keen sense of place and wanderlust in picturesque destinations all around the world.

Chanzilla gets sporty and pumped with active pursuits all over the globe! Cycle through breathtaking landscapes or dive deep into the ocean – no sweat!

Chanzilla shows you how to put on a show & immerse in some of the best-loved dance acts, musicals & more online!

Keep the Wanderlust Alive

We may have to stay home for now but the world won’t be closed for long and while we wait for the lights to be turned on again, here’s a series of short videos on why we love what we do – travel.

Bhutan Edition

Northern Lights Edition

Japan Edition

Exotic Trails Edition

Seasons Edition

Morocco Edition

Southern Africa Edition

Japan Road Trip Edition

Queensland, Australia Edition

Europe Edition

New Zealand Edition

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