“My Travel Photographer Series” – 10D Iceland Aurora & Glacier Explorer

Travel with a professional photographer that captures iconic moments you'll never want to forget. Make moments into memories - There isn't any souvenir better than this!

Our Photographers


Photographer: Edwin

Started out as early as 25 years old, Edwin has been taking photographs for five years & have shot hundreds of weddings and travel photography.

Photoshoot experience in various countries including Iceland, Norway, Finland & South America




Photographer: Alston

Alston is always open to listening and learning about every traveler story. He also believes that every photograph tells a story, and thus uses photography to remember passages and memories of life.

In 2015 Alston was awarded Korea’s Photography Award, 2016 he won a Silver in Hong Kong’s . Also he have participated in many photography for Charity organization, helping thousands of the less fortunate to capture the moments to remember.


曾于2015年荣获韩国《Samsung NX Traveller》摄影奖,2016年荣获香港《Photoblog年度摄影比赛》季军。参与多场的公益活动拍摄,为上千的社会弱势群体记录珍贵画面上。

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