Experiential Tours For The New Age Travellers

The experience is all that matters in concept tours. We understand that you might not want to follow heaps of people to common places of interest, eat the same mediocre food or sleep in a conventional hotel. Why choose the ordinary when you can travel in an unconventional way without worrying about all the nitty-gritty aspect of experiential travelling.

After all, it’s your holiday- your way in another dimension.



My Photographer Series: 14D Peru & Bolivia

Visit the Largest Mirror in The World!

Up to $800 OFF Per Couple*


8D The Distance Between Perth & Coral Coast Campervan Convoy with
Mediacorp Artiste Shane Pow

Special Dep: Jun 1

Up to $400 OFF Per Couple*


9D Glamping Up Sydney & Surrounds Self-Drive Convoy With UFM100.3 DJ Wei Long

Special Dep: Dec 8

Up to $400 OFF Per Couple*

River Countess

10D Venice & Gems of Northern Italy By Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Holiday

2 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Up to $2000 OFF Per Couple*

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